Finishing Presses

Traditional FInishing Press

Traditional Finishing Press

This press can be made in sizes 300mm to 600mm or larger. On this particular press, which is a 350mm model, I use a slow thread; 1 5/8” x 8mm pitch for greater pressure.

The thread should occasionally be lubricated with soft soap to maintain easy working pressure.

Combination Finishing Press

Combination Finishing Press

This press is used to keep a book either upright or tilted at an angle to perform tooling or gilding. I was inspired by the Swiss Ascona bookbinder, Suzanne Schmollgruber, to craft this press. 

Hand & Headband Presses

The Hand Press

This lying press is used exclusively in the European bookbinding trade, and is important for edge gilding.

The press is used with Gilding boards; it’s used lying horizontally on the workbench and is held in place with a Bench Jack (not included)

Finishing/Headband press

I was encouraged by Swiss master bookbinder, Hugo Pellers, to add this small finishing press to our range. This particular model was 300mm between screws.

Different pressure can be achieved by tweaking the hand-screws; using one as a lever and the other as a pivot. The press-cheeks are extended at one end to hold the book upright when sewing headbands.

Finishing Press

A special order finishing press for an international client.