All items are custom made to order

Over the years I have been asked to produce a wide variety of bookbinding equipment, associated items and unique items of furniture. 

My aim with every order is to create items of the highest quality; hand crafted pieces that are not merely functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Adjustable Work Stool

Adjustable Work-stool with footrest

Our work-stools feature a sturdy screw operated, seat adjustment system with a comfortable foot rest.

These stools have been long favoured by European bookbinders, but they are also useful for a variety of artisans.

A wide range of native and imported timbers are suitable for these stools, so please let us know if you are wanting to match other furniture or equipment.

Height adjustment ranges between 550mm to 700mm.

Adjustable Book Ends

Adjustable Bookends

This fully adjustable bookend will keep your books firmly upright, preventing damage to the spine. I crafted this one in Red Cedar, but most native woods can be suitable.

These bookends make a wonderful gift and they are demountable, making them easy to pack and post.

Miniature Bookbinding Equipment

This is a small collection of miniature bookbinding equipment I have crafted over the years.

On the left is a miniature Lying Press and Plough, with a miniature standing press on the right.

Miniature bookbinding equipment