Standing Presses

Standing Presses

The Standing Press

Handcrafted in Tasmanian Oak and joined by traditional mortise and dovetail. The top and base plates are free floating to prevent warping with changing weather conditions.

Each press is numbered and recorded for security, and has the owner’s name engraved into a brass shield on the press.

The press shown above has a 450mm x 370mm plate size, with a lift of close to 400mm. The screws are a slow thread to give good working pressure.

I have also crafted this press style as an A4 standing press, with a lift of around 250mm and a built in drawer; it makes a lovely gift.

The Standing Press & Cabinet Set

These matching sets are handcrafted to become tomorrow’s treasured antiques. The cabinet is made in the traditional way, without the use of nails or plywood; they are solid timber throughout, using mortise and dovetail joints.

The design is timeless in style and can be produced in timbers to suit your décor. We welcome your enquiries and will provide a prompt quote upon discussing your needs.

All our presses and cabinets are professionally packed with the care they deserve and can be freighted to any destination.

Large Knocking Down Press

Another very happy bookbinding client

My client saw a wonderful antique press in England, and after searching far and wide for a similar piece of equipment, she contacted me to ask if I would take on the challenge of creating a replica for her.

After considerable research, I was able to obtain detailed specifications and got started on the work.

The finished product was very exciting to hand on to a very grateful customer, and the excitement of this project gave me renewed vigour and I am very proud of the outcome.

Knocking Down Press